Services and facilities

Spacious Onsite Parking

The Civic Center Boasts of a massive land size that has been delineated for car park and thoroughfare for vehicular activities. For ease of access, the car park is divided into in three sections and designated accordingly. There are traffic and directional signs installed all over the car park to guide occupants and visitor to their appropriate sections of the parking area. There are also adequate parking area road surface markings to properly manage vehicle parking arrangements.

24 Hour Manned Professional Security

There is a 24Hr Manned Professional Security activity on ground to protect occupants and visitors, guard against unauthorized access and eliminate the threat of theft and damage to property.

24 Hour Back Up Power Supply

There are two Diesel Power Generating Set, 1000KVA and 300KVA respectively installed as backup power source whenever there is power outage in the Civic Center.

24 Hour Close Circuit Surveillance

There are Close Circuit Surveillance Cameras installed in strategic areas in the premises and walkways in addition to other security measures that are in place at the Civic Center.

Clean and Treated Water Supply

There is a Borehole and Water Treatment plant installed onsite to ensure the supply of treated and portable water within the City Mall

Adequate No. of Male & Female Conveniences

There is adequate number of male and female conveniences sited within the City Mall to cater to occupants and visitors

Supermarkets and Mini Marts

One of the main features of the Civic Center is the over 1,300 square meters total floor space with a mezzanine floor specifically designed for a Major Supermarket.


Some facilities at the Ekiti Civic Center

There are two 150 seat (extendable) capacity space designed for cinema halls in the Civic Center.

here is also a 1,500 seat capacity hall designed for a theater which can also double as a Conference

There is a space designated for a Museum within the Civic Center that can also double as an Art

here are two major Conference Hall of 150 seat capacity each and there are also other small meeting halls within the Civic Center.

• Mini Marts
• Small Retail Shops
• Cosmetic Shops
• Pharmacy Shops
• Jewelry Shops
• Health & Wellness Stores
• Designer Clothes Shops
• Fashion Stores
• Info Tech and Mobile Technology
Devices and Accessories stores,